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1. Content of online offer
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2. References and links
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3. Copy rights and trademark law
The author does his utmost in all his publications to comply with the copright of all images, sound recordings, video recordings and texts, to use his own images, sound recordings, video recordings and texts wherever possible and to revert to royalty-free images, sound recordings, video recordings and texts. All brands and hallmarks that are referred to within this internet offer and that may be protected by third parties are unrestrictedly subject to the regulations of the respective trademark laws and the possessory rights of the respective registered owner. The mere naming of a hallmark and/or brand does not imply that it is admissible to conclude that the rights of a third party were not protected! The copyright of all properties published and/or created by the author remains with the author. Express permission must be obtained from the author for reproduction or use in other electronic or printed publications of such images, sound recordings, video recordings and texts.

4. Data protection
Should the possibility occur to disclose personal or company data within the internet offer (e-mail addresses, names, postal addresses) then the disclosure of these data on the side of the user is expressly made on a voluntary basis. Utilization and payment of all offered services is – whenever technically possible and reasonable – permitted without giving forth such data and/or by giving anonymised data or by using a pseudonym.

5. Legal effect of this exemption from liability
Exemption from liability is to be rated as part of the internet offer, to which was referred to from each and every page. Should parts oder single phrases of the text not comply, no more comply with or not completely comply with the valid legal situation, then all other parts of the document stay untouched / unblemished in their content and validity.

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